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           April Holiday Closings:



       Upcoming Events: 

  Spring/Graduation Pictures     

             May 9, 2024!! (71st)

            May 14, 2024 (63rd)

           Dress to Impress!!!


 Graduation/Prom Night

         June 14, 2024!! 

 Sherman Park Auditorium

      1301 W. 52nd Street


  Graduates will meet at the 71st Street center at 2:30 pm for pictures. They will then be transported to the event. The event will start at 4:30pm. Additional tickets are $10.00 each.


**** ****************************

Happy Birthday to All of Our              April Celebrants!!


Applications & Enrollment Forms

Childcare Application

Enrollment & Authorization Forms

Late Pickup Policy (LKV on W 71st Street)

Authorization for Pickup Policy

Infant/ Toddler Developmental History

Wage Verification

Parent Handbook

Other Important Forms

1-Week Trial Period

Liability Form

Late Pickup Policy (LKV Too on W 63rd Street)

Exclusion Policy

Release of Information Form

Developmental History, Medical Authorization, & Financial Agreement

Change of Provider 


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